28 mai 2011

Song tag - My life according to...

Am vazut acest tag la Koko si mi s-a parut tare interesant.Trebuie sa raspundem la intrebari folosind numele melodiilor unui singur artist,fara sa repetam raspunsurile.Nu putem alege acelasi artist pe care l-a ales persoana de la care am preluat tag-ul.Am vazut pana acum ca Anda a ales-o pe Beyonce,Koko pe Rihanna,Camelia pe Ricky Martin,Anca pe Pink si Dorina pe Shakira.
Well,eu o aleg pe Lady Gaga.Imi plac la nebunie melodiile ei,imi place vocea ei si de asemenea stilul super-extra-mega-noncomformist,desi unii o critica fiindca iese prea tare in evidenta si vrea sa socheze.Ei bine,I believe that she is born this way and I love mother monster just the way she is!

My life according to Lady Gaga

Are you a male or female? - little Monster! kiddin' :)) Bloody Mary

Describe Yourself - The Queen / Beautiful Dirty Rich (I wish :))) / Born this way

How do you feel? - So happy I could die

Describe where you currently live - Wonderland

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? - The Edge of Glory

Your favorite form of transportation - Changing skies

Your best friend? - Money Honey

You and your best friend are - Paper Gangsta

What's the weather like? - Summerboy

Favorite time of day - Marry the night

If your life was a TV show what would it be called? - The Fame

What is life to you? - Rock Show

Your relationship - Bad romance started from a LoveGame,but in the end I like it rough

Your fear - Fooled me again

What is the best advice you have to give? - Chillin

Thought for the day - Eh,Eh(Nothing else I can say)

My motto - Just dance (gonna be ok)

Ador toate cantecele de mai sus,iar pe unele abia le-am descoperit cautand melodii de-ale ei.Chiar sunt curioasa sa vad si raspunsurile altor fete,asa ca oricine doreste sa preia tag-ul,go ahead!
Pupici :*

2 comentarii:

Just_Me spunea...

Si eu l-am preluat de la Koko, mi-a placut foarte mult ideea. :D
Se pare ca nu sunt singura care s-a distrat facand acest tag. Ti-au iesit niste raspunsuri dragute :P

Special K spunea...

Mi-au placut mult raspunsurile tale, chiar au fost fun! :)) :*